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Slovenia Establishes ‘Blockchain Think Tank’

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Slovenia’s leadership is embracing the integration of blockchain technology to propel the nation forward.

On October 11, 2017, Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar gave a speech acknowledging the virtues of blockchain technology, and the country’s desire to embrace it.

Cerar asserted that Slovenian ventures employing blockchain technology to develop digital investment platforms are among global leaders. He said, “Therefore we want to position Slovenia as the most recognised blockchain destination in the European Union.” The prime minister is confident the country will have the “infrastructure necessary for its implementation and development. The regulatory bodies and ministries are already studying blockchain, and the state is participating in activities” that rival others within the union for the “introduction and regulation of this technology. We are also already laying the foundations for the initial pilot testing of the technology in the state administration.”

To aid in these efforts, the Slovenian Digital Coalition has helped to establish a “Blockchain Think Tank” to focus on “education and awareness-raising, the drafting of legislative proposals and solutions, and linking Slovenian knowledge and awareness with respect to Industry 4.0.”

In his speech, Cerar also acknowledged that while facing continuous new challenges, Slovenia has redoubled efforts to modernize technology by building national information infrastructure and migrating to cloud-based systems. Cerar said, “At the same time, we have not forgotten about overhauling educational processes so that they will be more focused on understanding modern technologies, systems thinking and, above all, functional knowledge. We place particular emphasis on the use of business analytics and mega data as key factors in the understanding and smart management of complex social systems.”

Cerar added:

“Slovenia as a whole is therefore setting itself up as a blockchain-friendly destination, and to that end it is establishing the pillars of a national blockchain ecosystem in the area of the transfer and spread of information, the adoption of legal regulations and the promotion of a supportive environment for the development of companies working in the area of blockchain technology.”
Slovenia recently recovered from a fiscal crisis and has maintained steady growth in GDP since 2014, when a major bailout of largely state-owned central banks successfully staved off a major economic meltdown through bond issuances. Addressing the generation affected by the downturn, Cerar again espoused the virtues of blockchain technology. “We have emerged from the crisis stronger. I believe that using blockchain technology, you too will contribute to the writing of a new Slovenian success story.”

Looking to the future, Cerar said that his fellow citizens stand at “the threshold of major changes.” He concluded, “We will have to work to ensure that the new technology is an asset to and improves our quality of life. Only then will we be able to say that we have made progress.”
Source: goo.gl/eshbYD

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