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New era of a mobile application

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DAO PlayMarket 2.0 is decentralized store of Android applications, accepting payment in cryptocurrency combined with crowd-investing platform for the developers (ICO). Updated web and mobile version of the site became available for the users all over the world. Design became more user-friendly and now an interface contains more animation. Available functional as of now:

* Creation of cold wallet for ETH.

* Import and export of Ethereum wallet.

* Purchase payment in the application using cryptocurrency.

* Autonomous creation and signing of transactions.

* Transfer and exchange of ethereum.

* Site of the mobile apps developer.

We added to the shop about 100 apps for free download and soon there will be published paid content from the trustworthy android developers. All new apps are classified through rating system as ”unknown”. After the advertising campaign for the attraction of users, the developer creates the flow of transactions and rating changes from the ”unknown” to the ”trusted”. Apps moderation is carried out through the blockchain. Users buy elements through built-in purchases and, creating new transaction, increase the level of trust to a developer. Users of the application obtained safe and trouble-free access to the shop of mobile apps, and as well as possibility to invest into mobile apps and get permanent passive income. The developers of apps will be able to issue tokens of their app and implement them on the platform, launching ICO-projects. At the same time, platform commission for the posting of app is only 1% which is paid to the owner of node as a reward for transaction.

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