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NEO Price Surge Continues as Value Surpasses $37

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Sea  NEO Price Surge Continues as Value Surpasses $37 Sea 850x491

It almost feels as if the NEO price is trying to set a new high every single day. Whenever a cryptocurrency goes up in value by a lot over the course of a few days, it will eventually come down again. For NEO, that has not happened just yet, even though that may only be a matter of time. Right now, the NEO price is $37.19, which represents another 12.64% increase over the past 24 hours. Whether or not we will see $50 soon, remains to be seen, though.

Seeing NEO continue its positive price trend for nearly a full week now is rather impressive. Although it was only a matter of time until major cryptocurrencies regained most of their lost value, such a strong trend was not necessarily expected right away. While it is true NEO is quite popular among speculators right now, it remains to be seen whether or not this particular altcoin will have any long-term purpose. Some good work is being done behind the scenes, though.
Over the past few days, we have seen the NEO price rise from just under $20 to $39 in quick succession. Such major growth is rather unprecedented in the world of cryptocurrency, even though it remains to be seen if this is anything more than a pump-and-dump scheme. Only time will tell what the future may hold in this regard, though, but for now, the NEO price movements have not gone by unnoticed.
A lot of people are looking to recover some of their losses suffered over the past few weeks and NEO gives them the opportunity to do so. Considering how NEO still has a rather low trading volume, this price trend is all the more impressive right now. With $102.8m in 24-hour volume, the demand for NEO is certainly there, but not necessarily on the same level as Bitcoin or any other major cryptocurrency in the world today. Then again, no one can deny the NEO price trend either, as things have evolved in an interesting direction.

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