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Oil-T Energy Group is real oil for a digital asset

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Oil-T Energy Group is a company that has created an aggregation platform of the same name for real businesses involved in resource and energy projects.

By purchasing the Oil-T token, you get a barrel of oil. Since the delivery is carried out with a grace period and with a more than 75% discount, your income will be more than 400%.
Oil-T is always a barrel of oil!

Only Oil-T can be exchanged for a token of projects in which money is invested from the sale of oil.
Tokens of projects are always a barrel of oil reserves, which is converted into shares.
The price of a barrel of reserves rises from 3 to 15 times in the first 1.5 to 2 years, because the platform projects are selected in such a way that the investments will maximize the capitalization of the project.

The tokens of the Oil-T Energy Group Platform will be distributed in several stages. The basic offering price is $15 per Oil-T token. There are also additional bonuses for early buyers.
Pre-sale ICO — from April 16, 2018 to June 16, 2018.

During the pre-ICO, it is planned to distribute 3,000,000 Oil-T tokens. At this stage, all participants are given a unique opportunity to purchase Oil-T tokens at a discount. During the pre-ICO, investors will be able to buy tokens at the lowest price of $10. The ICO will begin two months after the pre-ICO is completed, and the starting price of the Oil-T token is $12.

Participants who buy more than 200,000 tokens at the pre-sale ICO stage will be able to sell their tokens during the main ICO process, starting from the second stage, at the price of the current stage.
The pre-sale ICO soft cap is $800,000. If this amount is not reached, all collected funds will be returned to investors.
Detailed information on project website: https://oenergygroup.com

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