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Nasdaq’s Nordic Exchange Seeks to Patent Blockchain Data System

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Nasdaq Nordic, a subsidiary of global exchange operator Nasdaq, is seeking to patent a blockchain-based computing system in the U.S.

Filed in February, the application was released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on August 10, with the full submission detailing how the exchange is looking to protect a distributed system that stores and shares transactional data.

Invented by Johan Toll and Fredrik Sjöblom, both of whom work for the post-trade market technology at Nasdaq, the patent application details their process for using a blockchain to pair transaction requests between two nodes. The data matching would then be timestamped and stored in the ledger, in a similar way that bitcoin transactions are kept on its underlying blockchain.

But while interesting on its own, the filing comes only several days after the applicant’s parent company Nasdaq Inc was revealed to have made a similar filing.

As reported by CoinDesk, Nasdaq Inc is also seeking to patent a distributed platform that enables a user to submit a time-sensitive document to a blockchain, whereby each modification would be recorded and updated on a distributed ledger.

Stepping back, the filings are also taking place during what has been a boom in blockchain patent applications, with CoinDesk data revealing that the rate of submissions has nearly doubled already in 2017.

Link: goo.gl/iSgPA8

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