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Devcon3: Ethereum Developers Conference Kicks Off In Cancun

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Devcon3: Ethereum Developers Conference Kicks Off In Cancun Sunshine and surf surround the Devcon 3 convention in Cancun 11 01 2017 2048x1024 850x491

Devcon3 kicked off today, November 1, 2017, in Cancun, Mexico. Ethereum developers, investors, and enthusiasts of the ecosystem gathered from around the world to descend upon the beachside town that’s laden with resorts and colorful tourist attractions.

A warm reception greeted Ming Chan, chief executive director of the Ethereum Foundation, who introduced Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. Other developers who let us in on what they’re working on for the Ethereum blockchain included Martin Swende, Péter Szilágyi, Zsolt Felföldi, Dr. Christian Reitwiessner, Yoichi Hirai, Alex Beregszaszi, Yann Levreau, Piper Merriam, Vlad Gluhovsky, Everton Fraga, and Fabian Vogesteller. Daniel Nagy stood in for Viktor Trón.

Shortly after each of the developers gave a brief summary of their projects and what they will be presenting over the 4-day event, Buterin took to the stage to provide a brief, 25-minute synopsis of the current state of the blockchain as well as the changes that were implemented during the most recent Byzantium hard fork.

Between the talks, hallways of the convention center have been flooding with a cacophony of voices – a sea of conversations about Ethereum, scalability, security, and privacy. Throughout the course of the convention, these subjects and the protocols surrounding them will be closely inspected and details will be disseminated to the rest of the ecosystem.

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