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Dear co-owners of the decentralized marketplace for Android applications PlayMarket 2.0

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Dear co-owners of the decentralized marketplace for Android applications PlayMarket 2.0, please, pay attention to the following.

The historical event has happened today – the first transaction in the mainnet on the DAO PlayMarket 2.0 platform is done!

The application storage architecture provides access to distributed storage, the smart contract system provides the ability to make purchases for cryptocurrency. The platform includes a crowdinvesting (ICO) platform, which enables mobile application developers to attract additional development funding to their project.

At the moment, you can test following functional abilities, using the web interface or installing the android application:

  • Downloading and installing android applications;
  • Purchasing the apps and buying within apps for cryptocurrency;
  • Creation of the Ethereum cold wallet and its using;
  • Transferring and exchanging of Ether (ETH) and any ERC20 / 223 tokens;
  • Autonomous creation and signing of transactions.

In addition, you can:

  • Invest in ICO applications;
  • Buy or sell PMT (PlayMarket platform’s token);
  • Receive a part of the application’s tokens,as the co-owner of the platform tokens;
  • Buy and sell both platform tokens and application tokens, using decentralized exchange  https://dex.playmarket.io

A set of development tools has been created for developers of mobile applications (DAO PlayMarket 2.0 SDK). It allows developers to integrate platform services easily into their applications, such as the purchasing of objects and/or the acquisition of a subscription to an object.

DAO PlayMarket 2.0 SDK provides the following features:

  • Buying an app.
  • Buying an object inside the application.
  • Purchase subscriptions within the application.
  • A simple purchase without checks in smart contracts (the cheapest transactions).

The maximum gas amount consumed by a transaction when performing transactions will be:

application registration ~ 155644 wei (gasLimit);

purchase / subscription ~ 110412 wei (gasLimit).

For developers of mobile applications a website is also available for registering and deploying applications at https://dev.playmarket.io.

All sites operate on the DApps principle, any site can be deployed on a local computer or own server, the private keys are not transferred to the server whatever the circumstances are. All transactions are created and signed locally (in the browser), and the signed transaction is sent to the node to be sent to the network.

Application developers can attract investments to develop their applications through tokenization.

Issued tokens are automatically listed on the integrated decentralized exchange https://dex.playmarket.io, which is already launched and active work is carried out.

At the moment, a lot of work has been done and our team is ready to achieve further success.

There is a lot of work still to be done:

  • Launching the website for working with DAO smart contracts – the functionality for launching voting on proposals;
  • Creation of the interface called PMFund for working with smart contracts – functionality for obtaining tokens of mobile applications that are tokenized on the platform.
  • Launching of the minimum required number of nodes in the biggest cities of the world, such as: Moscow, Bangalore, Frankfurt, Singapore, New York, San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, Simferopol, etc.
  • Starting and realisation a marketing plan (bounty program, airdrop, advertising on forums, specialized Telegram chats and much more).
  • Attracting users and developers.

All source codes are open, you can follow them on: https://github.com/CryptonStudio.

We have a great positive feedback from developers and investors, who are interested in the development of mobile applications. Follow our news, we will continue to talk about improving the work of our marketplace of android applications.

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