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Blockchain Embassy Opens for Business in Panama City

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A new location for bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, activists, iconoclasts, connoisseurs, and the general public has opened in Panama. It is called the Blockchain Embassy. It is located in the Balboa Boutiques Strip Mall of Balboa Avenue in Panama City. 

Information on the Blockchain Embassy

The space has crypto clothing and other merchandise for sale. It has a cafeteria, craft beers for sale, hardware wallets on display, a coffee shop, and even a working space.

A press release sent to bitcoin.com, said the embassy will also start giving cryptocurrency workshops and presentations. Everyone is welcome to come and engage with the Panama crypto community. The Embassy press release elaborated on how it accepts payment and provided more information:
The embassy accepts payments in cash and Crypto, and has become an emblematic tourist site in Panama. It receives visitors from all over the world. It is one of the projects created by startup Cryptobuyer.io, known for being the first company in the world to install ATMs in commercial banks, as well as integrating its system Cryptobuyer Pay that allows any commerce to accept payments in Bitcoin and other currencies.

Motivations to Build the Blockchain Embassy in Panama

Bitcoin.com reached out to one of the founders of the Blockchain Embassy (and Cryptobuyer), Jorge Farias, to get some insight on the motivations behind setting up the embassy.

He said, “We created the embassy because we were motivated by the need to educate the people not only of Panama, but also of the world. Panama is a tourist site, and at the same time, a major financial and logistic center. We believe that it is an ideal place to show the power of technology in a real, palpable way.”

Furthermore, he said his company chose the site in Panama City because it is easy to access by car and it allowed his team to integrate all of its amenities. He said besides offering the Crypto ATM, hardware wallets, and all the amenities mentioned, they plan on gradually adding many more things for their customer’s enjoyment.

Source: goo.gl/gKkRf6

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