The easiest way to plan multi-stop routes

20% savings on time and travel expenses

How to plan a route with GetWay?

Set a start and end point in GetWay, add your stops and GetWay handles everything else. The app will determine the shortest travel order given the expected wait time at each stop, scheduled appointments or time frames, and of course traffic and road data so you finish your daily route significantly earlier.

Is GetWay useful for day trips?

Using GetWay will help you complete your work day faster. Once you've designed your route, easily access any address and additional information you need to complete the task quickly with a single click.

Does GetWay also make an order during the day?

GetWay multi-stop route planning provides approximate arrival times for all stops in your scheduled route. If you do not meet the schedule, recalculate the rest of your itinerary to update your agenda screen quickly and efficiently and to reach each stop within the scheduled time window.

Does GetWay replace Google Maps or Waze?

No. After planning the route, you can use your favorite navigation app to reach each destination. GetWay integrates with your preferred navigation app and does not replace it.

Why use GetWay for route planning?

Shipping route users save several hours each day by finding shorter and more efficient ways to complete all of the stops on the route.

hHow much would GetWay cost me?

GetWay costs the same as lunch once a month. It will quickly pay itself off in boosted earnings and time savings. And ... get a free trial month. After the trial period ends, you can choose from one of our subscription plans. You can uninstall at any point during the free trial period and you will not be charged.

  • Easy and fast route planning
  • Optimal results
  • Time savings
  • Increased profit
  • Pleasant and simple use

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The GetWay app plans routes with up to 100 stops in the shortest and fastest possible way. Use the GetWay app to plan your daily itinerary, cutting your road time, brings you home faster.